Archive | April, 2010

Fabada Asturiana

Even though spring has officially arrived we in Northern California have been subject to a series of very cold winds and rains this past week that are way too reminiscent of the bite of winter!   Last night was one of those nights so instead of lighting the outdoor barbecue we fired up the Wolf… Dayton was inspired […]

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Sweet Potato Encrusted Sole with Fresh Lime and Caramelized Onion Dressed Greens

A wide variety of fruits of the sea have passed through our kitchen.  Salmon has been poached in fragrant liquids and grilled over hot coals.  Scallops have made their way to service via searing skillets and baking dishes filled with bubbling sauces hot out of the oven.  Oysters have been lovingly tended over a hot […]

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Key Lime Semifreddo with Blackberry Coulis

There are two widely held misconceptions regarding the Key lime.  The first is that it is simply a reference to those limes used for making pies… and the second is that it grows only in the Florida Keys.   The journey of the Key lime across the globe is a circuitous one.  It made its way to […]

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