Archive | May, 2010

Roasted Bell Pepper and Pasta Salad

Bell peppers have been referred to as the Christmas ornaments of the vegetable world.  Their beautiful bell shape featuring three or more lobes,  glossy skin and variety of vivid colors from green to red to purple to yellow and orange shout out festive excitement all twelve months of the year.  In spite of the varied palette all are […]

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Marinated Baby Artichokes

The ranch house that Dayton called home during his childhood in the San Francisco East Bay was unique in that it contained two kitchens.  One of them was outfitted for everyday use and the other was a multipurpose kitchen dedicated to home canning and preservation as well as the making of cheeses and sausages.  It was a […]

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Lime and Cilantro Grilled Pork

The Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 commemorates the defeat of a large French army by a much smaller Mexican army of about four thousand soldiers during the French intervention in Mexico.  In late 1861 Napoleon III, under the 1861 Treaty of London, sent troops to Mexico alongside English and Spanish forces to collect debts owed […]

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