Archive | February, 2011

Pork Stew with Artichokes, Fennel and New Red Potatoes

  This mouth-watering stew is the result of a week’s worth of rumination following the viewing of a Saturday morning cooking show on public television a week ago.  We are often inspired by dishes we see prepared on these shows so the fact that we gathered the ingredients and closely followed the directions, as we […]

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Amish Sauerkraut Soup

Dayton writes: This recipe is one I have been making for many years.  I must confess to a great fondness for sauerkraut and am always looking for new ways to feature this fine food.  Incidentally, sauerkraut was a gift to us from the nomadic tribes that invaded Europe from Asia over a thousand years ago.  It […]

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Bread: Double Egg Braid

There are few pleasures able to compare with that of baking yeast breads from scratch.  It is an experience that is visual, tactile, creative, therapeutic… and highly satisfying!  While I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of a dough hook I must secretly admit that I always finish the last minute or so of kneading on […]

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