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Green Corn Risotto with Black Trumpet and Porcini Mushrooms

So… what is green corn?  Green corn is simply another term for young, tender ears of sweet corn.  Its marriage with black trumpet and porcini mushrooms is a union of flavors simply unparalleled in this creamy, delicious and satisfying risotto. Risotto is an Italian rice dish cooked in a meat, fish, or vegetable-based broth to […]

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Pork Stew with Artichokes, Fennel and New Red Potatoes

  This mouth-watering stew is the result of a week’s worth of rumination following the viewing of a Saturday morning cooking show on public television a week ago.  We are often inspired by dishes we see prepared on these shows so the fact that we gathered the ingredients and closely followed the directions, as we […]

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4 Cheese Baked Pasta with Mushrooms

One of the Saturday morning rituals at our house is to watch the mélange of cooking shows on our local public television channel, KQED.  Many times we are inspired to take dishes that are prepared on the show, dissect the ingredients and give a critical personal analysis of the cooking techniques used in their preparation… and […]

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