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Annie-Mae’s Vegetable Pie

Annie-Mae DeBresson, the French chef from whom Dayton took several cooking classes at her home above the gourmet ghetto in Berkeley in the 70’s is the inspiration for this indescribably delicious and satisfying vegetable pie which graced our dinner table last night.  It was so tasty that I’m looking forward to left-overs this evening!  It […]

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Gentleness and Patience: The Keys to a Perfect Pastry and Pie Crust

Cranberries are not only a traditional accompaniment to the Thanksgiving turkey but can also be an ingredient for a luscious palate pleasing dessert to end your holiday meal.  There’s nothing better than a scrumptious slice of Cranberry Walnut Tart topped with a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream served while comfortably sitting in the living […]

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