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Sweet and Sour Pork

My earliest remembrances of the combination of pork, pineapple, onion and green bell pepper stemmed from my introduction to shish kebabs many years ago.  Unfortunately I must admit that I was not impressed.  I realize now that my displeasure arose from the fact that once grilled, the mound of food on my plate consisted of pieces of pork, many […]

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Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

The hectic flurry of the holiday season is beginning to come to an end and today, New Year’s Day 2012, will be celebrated by spending as little time in the kitchen as possible…!  There remains a generous portion of roast pork loin in the fridge begging to be napped with a rich sauce the foundation of […]

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Wood-Grilled Salmon with Dijon Mustard and Dill

Always on the prowl for a great bargain when it comes to salmon I recently stumbled upon a fresh four pound piece of farmed Atlantic salmon marked at eight dollars a pound.  Sold!  When I arrived home Dayton removed the remaining pin bones, which were few, and cut the slab into 6-ounce portions.  All but two […]

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