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Sweet and Sour Pork

My earliest remembrances of the combination of pork, pineapple, onion and green bell pepper stemmed from my introduction to shish kebabs many years ago.  Unfortunately I must admit that I was not impressed.  I realize now that my displeasure arose from the fact that once grilled, the mound of food on my plate consisted of pieces of pork, many […]

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Tomatillo Pork with Greens

  While doing one of those “clean the fridge” routines recently we were inspired to take the basics of one of our favorite dishes, Chili Verde, and create a totally new dish.  The results were inspirational and delicious enough for us to want to share it with our readers! Tomatillo Pork with Greens is  a combination […]

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Portuguese-Style Clams and Pork (Cataplana)

Southern Portugal is three quarters surrounded by the sea so it is not surprising that fish and seafood are heavily featured in the Portuguese diet and gave rise to the unique invention of the perfect vessel, the cataplana, for steaming shellfish. Cataplana, much like the word tagine, is the name of both the recipe and […]

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